Catégorie :

Caisse Enregistreuse
  • Caisse tactile
  • Lecteur code barres
  • Imprimante thermique
  • Accessoires POS
  • Logiciels Caisses
Pointeuse Biomtrique
  • Pointeuse biomtrique
  • Contrle d'accs biomtrique
  • Accessoires
  • Lecteur de tour de garde patrouille
  • Tripode-Tourniquet
  • Panneaux solaires
  • Convertisseurs
  • Batteries
  • Rgulateurs
  • Lampadaire LED solaire
Dtection Incendie Bosch
  • Centrales Incendie
  • Dtecteurs Incendie
  • Sirnes Incendie
  • Dclencheurs Manuel incendie
  • Modules et accessoires
Dtection Intrusion Bosch
  • Centrales Instruisons
  • Claviers Intrusion
  • Sirne intrusion
  • Dtecteurs Intrusion
  • Modules et accessoires intrusion
  • Dtection sans fils
Vidosurveillance Bosch
  • Camras IP
  • Camras PTZ
  • Module d enregistrement
  • Priphriques et accessoires






Education Solutions from Bosch Security Systems

Schools, universities, kindergartens, and other educational institutions are used for meeting, 
living, and learning. In today’s world, which is fraught with violence, vandalism, 
and theft, they need to create a safe environment – and not only inside classrooms. 
This poses extremely demanding security, safety, and communication requirements such as:

-Protecting students and employees
-Preventing theft and losses
-Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
-Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required
-Making clear, facility-wide announcements
-Dealing with fires and explosions

Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help educational institutions to master these security, 
safety, and communication challenges.



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