Catégorie :

Caisse Enregistreuse
  • Caisse tactile
  • Lecteur code barres
  • Imprimante thermique
  • Accessoires POS
  • Logiciels Caisses
Pointeuse Biomtrique
  • Pointeuse biomtrique
  • Contrle d'accs biomtrique
  • Accessoires
  • Lecteur de tour de garde patrouille
  • Tripode-Tourniquet
  • Panneaux solaires
  • Convertisseurs
  • Batteries
  • Rgulateurs
  • Lampadaire LED solaire
Dtection Incendie Bosch
  • Centrales Incendie
  • Dtecteurs Incendie
  • Sirnes Incendie
  • Dclencheurs Manuel incendie
  • Modules et accessoires
Dtection Intrusion Bosch
  • Centrales Instruisons
  • Claviers Intrusion
  • Sirne intrusion
  • Dtecteurs Intrusion
  • Modules et accessoires intrusion
  • Dtection sans fils
Vidosurveillance Bosch
  • Camras IP
  • Camras PTZ
  • Module d enregistrement
  • Priphriques et accessoires






Hotel Solutions from Bosch Security Systems

Travelers regard hotels as a safe refuge, like a home away from home. To make guests feel 
absolutely secure, hotels must master security, safety, and communication challenges 

-Preventing possible terrorist attacks and vandalism
-Dealing with fires and explosions
-Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required
-Detecting intrusion and other crimes
-Managing a wide variety of access authorizations

Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help hotels to master these security, safety, and 
communication challenges.


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